1. Academic Research

Since the researches on B Corp has not been done much on an international scale, B Academy is set to targeting such researches. Through exploration and academic research, plus real case studies, papers will be published to enable further understandings.

Each year, we will pick an important topic to perform such an academic research, and conduct case studies on 2~4 B Corps. The research focus will include: a comparative study between a traditional industry and an innovative business on the course of becoming a B Certified Corp, comparing the business performance prior and after becoming a B Corp, in the areas such as: the business’ social influences, the internal cohesion between employees and the employer, the external supplying chain changes from creating profit for both ends, the establishment of a common good eco-system, a common good business model, and common good innovations…etc. The systematic research conducted at B Academy serves not only to provide academic study result, but also to provide data analysis to further understand the social influence B Corps have brought.

2. Courses

B Academy has invited professionals from different industries to be our industrial lecturers. Starting from the first half of 2017, they have been participated in the ‘Practical Public Affairs and Social Innovation’ courses, and added a new course of the ‘Topic Research for B Corps’ in the second half of the year. Group discussions and case studies are included in the course to make a good combination of theoretical and practical studies. The cooperation between the industry and the university has resulted in various courses for the B Corps and the B Corps to be. These courses including: philosophy behind B Corp, BIA assessment procedures, domestic and overseas case studies.

Another topic of discussion covered by the course is, “How to support a business to continue improving and evolving internally and externally after it has completed the BIA?” These supports including the B-sale strategy to strive forward and better assist the B Corp for its niche and unique market.

3. Students Internship

In the process of case studies and doing courses and trainings, B Academy will come in close contact with the B Corp members. By understand each member’s situation and needs, we will be able to send the appropriate students to designated B Corps for the internship. During the internship, the students will be able to confirm what have been taught to them in a practical setting and at the same time, to accumulate experiences with B Corps. Furthermore, they will be able to examine the opportunities and constrains of a B Corp, through practical working experience and first-hand observation.

4. Promotion

B Academy cooperates with B Corp Taiwan to promote the concept of B Corps in Taiwan. By enhancing the understanding, recognition and support for B Corps amongst industries, large enterprises, SME (small and medium enterprises), these businesses will have better insight to what a B Corp is, thus applying for the B Certificate, and start switching their management to Good for Workers, Good for the Community, Good for the Environment, Good for the Long Term and Good to the Core.

5. Social Media Engagement

The first annual B Corp Asia Forum was held in March 29~30, 2016 in Taipei. It successfully connected 19 famous B Corps across 7 Asian countries, and invited governmental and academic representatives to exchange ideas and further expanding influences of B Corps.

The second annual B Corp Asia Forum was held between Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, 2107 in Taichung. During the annual forum, B Academy has also hosted the first annual B Academy conference, which has invited professionals from both academic field and industrial field to participate in the discussion panel and exchange ideas, regarding B Corp construction and teaching innovation.


2016 B Corp Asia Forum