• Feng Chia University is actively involved in the Engaged Scholarship in the recent years, and has transformed & extended the research works from serving purely the academic circle to a practical cooperation and interaction with corporation, thus enable knowledge exchange and actual problem solving for the society, to create common goods for both. Benefit Academy integrates stakeholders at Feng Chia University, internally and externally to strive forward together for the study and promotion of the B Corp and the Wangdao Philosophy.

  • Currently, there are 19 B Certified businesses across Taiwan, cover a scope of industries from the traditional manufacturing industries to nowadays service industries. Some examples of this wide range including the catering services, physical & mental health services, caretaking services, and energy efficiency industry, business diagnosis and consultant. Acting in different fields, these B Certified businesses differentiate and standout from other businesses by placing the common good for the society first. Not merely looking into maximizing the profit, but rather creating something meaningful for the society. They maximize the shared value not just the per share value. Facing the hundred years of profit-oriented capitalism, the raising of the B Corp will stand to defense the new values of human-oriented and environmental-friendly movement.

    List of Certified B Corp in Taiwan